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It's just an egg that is also a dog

About eggdog

Eggdog is a super cute and quirky internet meme that's shaped like an egg but has the heart of a dog. It first appeared in a video titled "Meet Eggdog" by YouTuber Zamsire back in March 2019 and quickly won over the internet with its unique charm. Eggdog is known for its fun antics, like stretching super high into the air or breaking into a happy dance. It's all about spreading positivity, eggcitement, and a love for baguettes and strawberries! And guess what? Eggdog has even made its way into the crypto world with its own token on the Solana blockchain. How eggciting is that?

eggdog Tokenomics

zero tax

contract renounced

lp burn



Play Game

play as an eggdog and flap your way in between obstacles avoiding them at all costs, simply tap your screen on your phone or click the mouse on your computer to push it higher or let it fall to go lower. two weekly tournaments will go live every week starting from monday 00:00 - users pay either .1 or .5 SOL to enter and their main objective is to go as far as possible - the winner will receive 80% of all entry fees (100 entries = 100 SOL (80 SOL prize pot)) free mode can be played whenever as there is no cost attached.

eggdog nft